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Innovative wirelessly controlled 'visual advance warning systems'  for road & rail. 

SafeZone comprises a suite of wirelessly networked and controlled 'active visual advance warning' products designed to deliver more timely alerts to road users, train drivers and pedestrians of a range of danger conditions that require them to stop. Designed to be more efective than passive signs, and able to be placed where they're more easily seen, SafeZone's primary capability is delivering more effective warnings in a more timely manner, for a lot les than via conventional warning systems deployed in road, rail and private premises applications. 

From active warning beacons and signage to warn motorists that a railway crossing is in use, to systems to warn of a pedestrian crossing in use, to systems that warn train drivers of a changed condition on the railway line ahead, our solutions are easier to deploy, far cheaper to won and operate and far more flexible, due to the wireless networking technology at the heart of the systems.