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PNE Electronics

You Imagine it. We'll create controls for it.

With inventions such as the safety cut-out switch for the domestic steam iron to their credit, PNE has long been established as one of Australia's leading designers and manufacturer of custom embedded electronic control systems. PNE might not be a name you know, but in Australia there's a good chance you've used a product made more fully featured, less expensive, more reliable or safer by incorporating our embedded or stand-alone systems.

From controls for domestic heating and cooling products to precision HVAC systems, to controls for precision pumps and measuring devices, to healthcare and safety warning systems, to banking machine and 'smart safe' control systems, to controls for consumer durables and waste processing systems, we deisgn and manufacture products for a wide range of clients. These include not only many of Australia’s best known appliance manufacturers, but many smaller innovative businesses looking to create world-class products of their own. Our role is to deliver the innovation they need to help their products and services stand out from the crowd.