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Opentec Solutions

Rugged portable computer solutions for when the going gets BEYOND tough.

Since 1992, Opentec has engineered customised rugged portable computers for industrial, mining, emergency services, police and defence customers. With an unparalleled reputation for durability, Opentec has expanded its range to encompass not only rugged notebook and tablet PCs and rugged PDAs and peripherals, but a range of information gathering and dissemination solutions that address a broad range of commercial, industrial, security and defence applications.

From Himalayan and Antarctic snowfields, to the dry, sandy, dusty expanses of Australian and Middle Eastern deserts, Opentec products have evolved in the field, not on the desktop, to not only survive, but thrive in the Great Outdoors. With a reputation for innovative engineering and quality manufacturing, Opentec products have been extensively deployed in mission-critical, front-line applications within the Australian Armed Forces, as well as in a range of commercial applications, where their durability and features have made them benchmarks. Today, in collaboration with our AUSortium partners, we're delivering world-class, ruggedised, portable ERP, homeland security, biometrics/access control and medical/healthcare solutions.