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Emergency Alert Systems (EAS)

Innovative, wireless emergency siren & beacon solutions. 

EAS comprises a suite of wirelessly networked, wirelessly controlled emergency warning siren and beacon solutions designed to warn premises occupants of a danger condition that requires a specific response. Ideal for evacuation wanrings, school lockdown alerts, or a range of other site specific alert conditions, the EAS 'WiLAS' range delivers more effective warnings more quickly and for a lot less than traditional 'hard wired' emergency alert systems.

Recent additions to the EAS range include a wireless railway track worker warning siren and beacon system that alerts work crews of an approaching train, while warning the train driver that a work crew is on the track ahead. The modular, scalable approach to delivering more effective and more timely warnings for a lot less cost is helping deliver significant OH&S improvements in a wide range of applications.

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