Our Brands


'Ergo - Eco Logical'

Since 1987, Gregory has been at the forefront of ergonomic office chair design and manufacture in Australia. In 2006, during the diversification, Gregory Australia Limited transferred its furniture business to a newly incorporated Gregory Commercial Furniture Pty Limited to become an umbrella organisation for Furniture and Technology Divisions.

The acquisition in April 2007 of Damba Furniture (Australia and New Zealand), incorporating Vibe Furniture, almost doubled the size of the Commercial Furniture Division and provided a new sales channel for Gregory and other commercial furniture brands into New Zealand.

In July 2008, Vibe Furniture was integrated into GCF to enhance the growth being achieved by the Inventis Commercial Furniture Division. This strategic decision consolidates the leading market position of Inventis and gives GCF a powerful platform to expand its market share.

GCF brands address three broad areas of competency:

  • Ergonomic Furniture, represented by:
    • Gregory
    • Damba
  • Designer Furniture represented by:
    • Vibe Furniture
  • Healthcare Furniture, represented by:
    • Pluto