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Inspired Solutions

Inventis Limited is a diversified company involved in the design, manufacture, sales and marketing of products and services whose foundation is 'inspiration' and 'innovation'. Inventis Limited operates in Australia and New Zealand as the holding company for two divisions:

Inventis Technology Pty Limited ('Technology Division'), incorporating the brands of:

Control Solutions:

Wireless Warning Solutions:

Computer Solutions:

      - PNE Electronics

     - Emergency Alert Systems

      - Opentec Solutions

      - Impart Special Products

      - SafeZone

Gregory Commercial Furniture Pty Limited ('Furniture Division'), incorporating the brands of:

Ergonomic Seating & Desking:

Designer Furniture:

Healthcare Furniture:

      - Gregory


      - Pluto

      - Damba

While outwardly very different, each division is aligned through the underlying characteristics of:

creating inspired designs
delivering innovative products, and
 owning the intellectual property we create

From electronic control solutions that help other Australian electronics and whitegoods manufacturers lead the way in features, innovation, reliability and safety; to safety systems that make roads safer for drivers and pedestrians alike; to rugged portable computers that take desktop applications into the field and keep them there; to ergonomic office seating solutions that improve quality of life and look stylish to boot; Inventis group companies continue to create inspired solutions for local and export markets.