About Inventis

Inventis Limited. A Company built on innovation and inspiration.

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Our Vision. To be a leader in the development of innovative products and inspired solutions for consistent and sustainable shareholder value.

Inventis Profile
Inventis is a diversified company involved in sales, marketing, design and manufacture of products and services whose foundation is 'inspiration' and 'innovation'.

Inventis Strategy
Our objective is to bring together under the Inventis umbrella, companies that create products that capture market attention and investor interest. And through mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances, we're being transformed into a substantial company geared for growth.

Inventis Limited Board
Inventis Limited Board comprises two non-executive directors and one executive Part time Chairman.

Senior Executive Management
The Inventis Group is segmented into three distinct divisions. Inventis Limited, Inventis Technology and Gregory Commercial Furniture, headed by General Manager Garry Valenzisi.