The Inventis Board

Inventis Board of Directors

In accordance with Good Corporate Governance and a commitment to include more Non-executive Directors, the Inventis Limited Board has been streamlined to three Directors, comprising two Non-executive directors and one Executive Part-time Chairman Tony Noun.

Tony Noun - Executive Chairman (Part-time)

Tony has more than 25 years professional and commercial experience with a proven track record of successfully managing start-up operations, as well as management of small, medium and large national and international companies.

Peter Bobbin- Non-Executive Director

Peter is a practising solicitor and the managing principal of his legal practice.

Anthony Mankarios- Non-Executive Director

Anthony's experience over the last 26 years spans a number of different sectors.

Denis Pidcock- Alternate Director

Denis has extensive experience in both senior level executive management and non-executive directorships.


Alfred Kobylanski- Alternate Director

Alfred is the Chief Financial Officer and has 34 years experience in finance and management.